Mechanical constructions

Our company CNC TECH materializes the documentation provided by the beneficiary, transforming the projects into various mechanical constructions/systems, assemblies, structures. These can include both the pieces made by us and commercial parts, which we provide. Together with our team of professional engineers, we create mechanical constructions of different sizes and complexities. Either having to build a small mechanism for a specific project, or to develop a complex facility, CNC TECH deals both situations with the same attention and care for quality and details.

A mechanical system uses power, involving movement and forces in order to accomplish a set task. All modern machines-tools are in fact systems—systems of mechanisms. The mechanisms are made of machine elements, of which CNC TECH can produce structural components and movement control mechanisms.

CNC TECH produces basic mechanical parts usually standardized to common sizes, but also customs parts for specialized applications.

Production process steps

Based on the documentation prepared by the Engineering Department, our production staff starts the production process. Mechanical or CNC Cutting is the first stage of many, prior to assembly, welding.

Only afterwards we can move on to actually making the machining operations required by the project.

Following the production and machining of the carpentry, we can shift to the next phase – Assembly

After the assembling stage we finally test the products and prepare them for shipping. We can deliver our products by sea, air or wheel.

Among the products we have produced in our company under the ISO 9001:2015 Quality standard, we can mention:

  • Fabrication lines for packaging industry;
  • Fabrication lines for printing industry;
  • Fabrication lines for plastics injection molding;
  • Fabrication lines for cigarettes production;
  • Fabrication lines for  adult diapers industry.

We look for long-terms partnerships with partners that have detailed, specific and fit-to our capacities demands. We produce small and medium series.

Contact us at any time for more details regarding the realization of mechanical constructions by our professionals in the field!