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CNC Tech – company specialized in machining and metal structures – ISO 9001: 2015- appeared in 2005. Ever since its establishment, the new company could harness the experience in both fields of activity as CNC Tech is the symbiotic product of two companies specialized in mechanical processing and metal structures.

SC SERES PROD COM SRL – the Romanian component of CNC Tech, was founded in 1998, having as object of activity the production of welded structures and mechanical constructions. Over time, the company has specialized in the production of metal structures for industrial scales, with addressability in the automotive and construction industry.
In 2005, the Romanian company met the Italian company Mimo SRL—specialized in machining. MIMO appeared in 1984, in the region of Padua, Italy. From the very beginning, the partnership between the two companies was a successful one, so that in the same year, CNC Tech SRL was founded, by opening a small mechanical processing workshop.

When the CNC Tech company was founded, it was decided that its main field of activity would be metal machining with the help of numerically controlled machines, through turning and milling operations.
After 2 years since the establishment of the small processing workshop, the rise of the company favoured the relocation to a larger space. Since 2007 CNC Tech has moved to a newly built hall, with a usable area of 500 square meters, equipped with 2 overhead cranes with a lifting capacity of 2 tons each.

The company SC SERES PROD COM SRL continues its activity in its own production hall. It has a production space with an area of 650sqm, equipped with 2 overhead cranes, which have a lifting capacity of 3.2 tons each.
CNC Tech and SERES PROD operate independently, with separate objects of activity, but collaborate very well whenever necessary.

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