About us

CNC Tech supports the pro-equality policy adopted at EU level, which emphasizes the role of women in industry and encourages their promotion while respecting equal pay, working conditions, career opportunities, training, and respect for motherhood and fatherhood as fundamental social values. CNC Tech recognizes and supports the need for an industrial policy that reflects the indispensable driving force of competitiveness, while guaranteeing the social and economic rights of workers.

In an attempt to respect and in the assent of the above, the CNC Tech company makes constant efforts to balance the share among the company’s staff, having today no less than 18 women employed, out of a staff of 53 people. All staff enjoy equal treatment of working conditions and pay.

Moreover, the company’s management understands the importance and value of experience – experience that comes with the long exercise of a profession; so the average age in the company is 46 years.

At the same time, CNC Tech, which celebrates 16 years since its founding this year, maintains an average seniority in the company of 9 years, a figure that says a lot about the work environment offered to employees, about the organizational culture based on respect and appreciation of each person’s work.

Of course, efforts are being made to train a well-prepared young human resource, therefore, the company always responds promptly to requests coming from educational institutions. Unfortunately, there are also problems at the company level that are reflected at the macro-economic level, the most pressing of which is the need of a large number of young people, well-prepared or with the desire and availability to train at work.

CNC Tech tries to solve, punctually, this shortcoming, transparently expressing its desire to constantly hire young staff with experience in the fields of traditional machining and especially CNC, programming in industrial software, welding and assembly of welded metal constructions.

Moreover, the gates of society are wide open and for those who, although not yet experienced in the fields mentioned above, demonstrate during the interview, rapid learning skills, analysis and synthesis of information received, so that they can be formed on the spot. under the careful guidance of qualified personnel with decades of experience in the manufacturing industry.