Quality control & delivery

Quality control is absolutely necessary in any organization in order to generate confidence, that the product will meet the requirements and expectations of customers, regarding quality.
CNC Tech products are made in accordance with the European quality standards, our company being ISO 9001: 2015 certified for all activities carried out within it.
From the design phase to delivery, CNC Tech ensures the verification of projects and products at every stage of the production process, successfully combining the measuring instruments with the experience and professionalism of the staff dealing with CTC.
Quality control is performed using a large number of instruments for measurement and control. We generally use Mytutoyo tools because they are of high quality and they ensure precision, repeatability and quality. All measurement and control instruments have up-to-date verification reports, as we are being constantly making sure that we get zero errors in the production process.
We measure the dimensions using a 2D Tesa Hite Magna 700 altimeter, which is enough for us at the moment to measure all the parts we produce.
CNC Tech pays special attention to the quality of the welds and in this sense, we perform several types of control:

  • 100% visual
  • Penetrating Liquid
  • US, etc

Painting is one of the key points of the QC Department. With the equipment, we can measure the thickness of the dry layer (DFT) and its adhesion, in accordance with ISO 2409. For this purpose, we use an Elcometer 2SM paint control kit.
In the company`s efforts to permanently optimize the working conditions and to continuously improve the quality of the obtained products, exhausting installations were installed during 2021. With their help, it was possible to increase the productivity rate, by reducing the pollution of the workshop with micro-dust and fog. At the same time, it has increased the efficiency of machine tools by eliminating the stratification of pollutants.
The degree of difficulty of the products that are made in CNC Tech is medium-high, therefore the tolerances we work with are tight, and the quality component is of significant importance.
Once the production process is completed, the products made within the company are ready for delivery, just as provided in each placed order. They are packaged according to their size and characteristics, so that they are protected throughout transport, but also easy to identify once they reach their destination.
The transport is carried out according to the provisions of each contract, but always respecting the INCOTERMS indications. CNC Tech has a wide network of partners with which you can perform any type of transport, at any distance. For local partners, located at short distances, we provide transportation with the company’s own cars.

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