Technical departament

The Technical Department of CNC Tech consists of a team of engineers with a thorough technical training. They carry out various mechanical projects based on the request of our customers. We have project stations with CAD / CAM program, with which we make 3D drawings. Subsequently, based on these drawings, we make the processing programs for CNC machines.

We can make the projects based on your sketches or instructions or even based on a design theme, starting from your needs.

We have carried out over time, very varied projects for our clients who needed a wide range of mechanical structures. The usefulness of mechanical structures designed and produced within CNC Tech has often been used in optimizing the manufacturing process or even for performing new operations and / or products.

Sometimes the purpose of their realization was to increase the safety and security of work.

The Technical Department of CNC Tech has an important word to say in the bidding process, our engineers being the ones who prepare, verify and possibly review the technical-commercial bidding documentation.

Also within the Technical Department, CNC Tech specialists analyze the execution documentation received from our partners, so that we can be sure that it does not present errors that could later be translated into the production of defective products. 3D design helps us to eliminate all errors that may occur in this phase.

As transparent and efficient communication with customers is one of the attributes we care about, the team of the Technical Department keeps in touch with the company’s customers to ensure that any review of projects is done with the agreement and according to their requirements.

The involvement of our team of engineers, in the coordination of the projects for which they are responsible and their follow-up during the production process, offers an additional guarantee on the quality of the final products.

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