Welded structures

The need for welded structures is found in all industrial fields, but especially in construction, production, shipbuilding, mining, oil and gas distribution, vehicle manufacturing, aerospace, military and heavy industry.

CNC Tech makes various welded structures of large sizes up to 6.4 tons, using common welding procedures such as MIG / MAG, WIG and TIG.

The MIG / MAG welding process has by far the widest industrial use, being a relatively simple process, with a higher welding speed compared to other welding processes. By its correct execution, a smooth and resistant welding bead is obtained. In addition, the smoke emission produced by MIG / MAG welding machines is low. For the welding operation we use high-performance MIG / MAG devices with high quality welding wire. They help us to obtain quality defects without defects, good yields, which in the end lead to low costs, managing to have competitive prices for the final product.

WIG devices with wolfram electrodes, and TIG with tungsten electrodes are used for the execution of special welding beads, usually of high fineness and a high degree of complexity. With their help, a resistant welding is made, smooth and especially, without residues. The welding speed is certainly slower than when using the MIG / MAG process.

Our welding processes are certified according to the current EU standards, while the welders are European certified, being able to weld steel, stainless steel, aluminum.

The advantages of opting for welded structures

Welded structures have the following advantages:

  • reducing the consumption of metal used for these structures;
  • higher productivity;
  • have superior mechanical properties (compared to cast or riveted structures);
  • unlimited dimensions and complexity;
  • rational form, adapted to the requests;
  • tight joints are obtained;
  • welding can involve very simple and cheap processes;
  • simple and inexpensive equipment;
  • the possibility of mechanization, automation, robotization;
  • lower pollution.

A positive aspect of using welded structures to the detriment of riveted ones — their direct competitors — is weight. The former are usually lighter than riveted structures, because when welding is not used, no gussets or other connecting components are used. The cost / quality ratio is also extremely convenient.

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